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At the 1st Athens International Conference we welcome International Presenters to come and share publicly their experiences of Play on Early Education.

If you are an early education progressive teacher; if you own a preschool or a nursery with an emphasis on play; if you work in play or playwork; if you design play spaces; or have any other type of expertise or interest in the field of play, you are most welcome to submit your paper and be invited to present it publicly and share your story with us.

Papers submitted should associate with one of the following broad question categories:

  1. What is play? Why play? What happens if there is no play? Why is play important
  2. Play on real life terms? How do children benefit when freely able to interact with reality? How can this be done?
  3. Does play enhance children’ emotional development? Do babies and toddlers strengthen emotionally and become autonomous and independent when freely allowed to discover the world? How is this done?
  4. What about Risk taking in play? Dealing with adults’ over-protection over children: what are the limits of play? How are they set? By whom? How is a playground is developed?

Submitted papers may also relate (but not be limited) to one or more of the following subjects:

  • Play in urban environments
  • Outdoor play v’s indoor play
  • Tablets and mobile phones. Good or bad? Is there good use of technology for young children?
  • Loose parts: what is the theory of loose part and how to make use of it in early education
  • Playgrounds and play setups. How can we adults affect their development?
  • Adults’ involvement in play. How and when. Is it always a bad thing?
  • Power tools instead of toys? Bricks and cement instead of legos? Real stuff instead of toys?
  • Play vs academic content in early education. Where is the balance?
  • Developing democratic setups in early education. Allowing children to take full ownership of their preschool life
In the 1st Athens International Conference about ‘Play on Early Education we welcome sharing hands-on experiences on early childhood play from all over the world. You can present your paper, tell good stories from your daily play life or even deliver a hands-on play workshop.
Athens is also beautiful in Spring! The conference will be held downtown, so it is a fantastic opportunity to combine your presenting at a top-class international conference on play with visiting one of the most historic cities in the world. 
The first round for submission of papers was between July 1st, 2018 and September 30, 2018. The second round is running between October 15, 2018 and December 31st, 2018
Selected presenters will enjoy a discounted participation fee.
Submission Guidelines

The submission of your paper should take place in two steps:

  1. Submit an Abstract

In first place we require everyone who wishes to present his/her work in the conference to submit an abstract describing the proposed paper. Abstracts should be 300-350 words, submitted in pdf format and include photos or other kind of explanatory images. The total size of the abstract should not exceed 2 MB.

  2. Submit the Paper

Within 15 days you should have received an email telling you that your abstract has been selected for submission as a paper. This email will confirm the date for returning your full paper and will advise you on the process. Earlier submission of course is encouraged as it helps us to manage the review process in a timely manner. 

Below is a summary of what you need to consider when submitting your full paper:

  • Papers must not exceed 3000 words in length including abstract, figures, references and appendices for a total of 8 pages. Files should not exceed 3MB in size.
  • Before submitting your paper, please make sure that it has been carefully read for typographical and grammatical errors. Papers may be returned if the standard of English is not considered to be good enough for publication. 
  • Papers can be produced in any PC or MAC version of Microsoft Word. It must not be sent in PDF format and should not be zipped. Papers should be submitted as a .doc attachment by email, following the procee
If your paper is finally accepted, you will be kindly asked to present it in the conference. You will enjoy an early bird fee, no matter what the timing, and maybe some other privileges to be eventually announced.  
Please take into consideration that this conference is focused both on hands-on experience and academics. Therefore, we both welcome academic pieces of work and presentations based on real stories or field observation! 

Please fill the following registration form and submit your abstract.

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Ιf for any reason the submission form is not working, please send your abstract to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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