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Lydia Manitsidou & Panagiota Kamberou


l2.jpgLydia Manitsidou is an architect (AUTH) who holds a Master in Architecture (NTUA).

She co-founded the architectural practice b m- a r c h i l a b based in Athens in 2004. BM - archilab acts in several fields of architectural design and practice in a variety of scales and uses such as residences, retail, public buildings, medical spaces, public buildings and offices. She has developed expertise in workplace design and workplace change making through various big scale projects. Her architectural practice uses design strategies to achieve optimization of space management and energy resources while creating human-centered experience-based places.

Lydia is a member of Women On Top organization, which focuses on helping companies achieve gender equity in the workplace. She also has a special interest on playing with space, she practices space play with children groups and explores new spatial possibilities through play.

Lydia is a mother of two daughters. She is constantly seeking for new ways to combine and thrive between multiple professional, family and personal everyday roles and relationships.


Panayota Kamberou is an architect DPLG. She studied in Montpellier, Thessaloniki and Paris. She is a city lover.

She has worked in Paris where she collaborated with architectural panayota.jpgpractices on building and urban development projects. It was a great experience and opportunity to study and research on the notion and the function of the city and its surroundings. Since 2004 she lives in Athens where she runs the architectural department of a construction company. She focuses on retail projects and residential building rehabilitation projects.

She participated in a pilot project held by Hellenic Association of Architests, in the field of "School and Architecture" for primary school classes. She worked and played with children from the age of 5-12 on the concept of the city. She has two daughters from whom she learns every day.

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