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Stephan Buerger & Demetra Katsota

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stephan buerger photo.jpgStephan Buerger and Demetra Katsota established buerger katsota architects in 2005 with offices in
Athens and Vienna. Having successfully been en-
gaged with a variety of architectural and urban
design projects as well as academic and editorial
research on architecture. buerger katsota archi-
tects’ work has been widely published in reviews
and publications, exhibited internationally and re-
ceived several awards and honours. Notably, in
2014 and 2012, the practice participated in the
Architecture Biennales of Venice. In 2015 and 2013
they were nominated for the Mies van den Rohe
Award European Union Prize for Contemporary
Architecture. They are recipients of the ‘Public and
Common Use’ Award 2013 of the Hellenic Institute
of Architecture and of the ‘Architecture Abroad’
Award 2010 of the Union of Greek Architects.

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