1st International Athens Conference "Play on Early Education"
Day 2:                         Friday April 12, 2019
Afternoon Session:   Play as a Powerful Tool in Educational contexts
Duration:                   4 pm- 7.30 pm
Keynote Speaker:     Peter Gray
Chair:                         Tom Hobson
"You can not get play into a school. School is structured & framed, while play is not". This is a phrase often heard by pure play people. On the other hand, everyone agrees that play is a powerful learning tool. We do not play to learn - but we learn a lot while playing.
In this stunning session chaired by Tom Hobson, Dr. Peter Gray will explain what play is and will reveal its' educational value. Then, a number of presenters from all over the world will share with their stories based on different play approaches.
16.00 - 17.00:  Keynote speech
“What Exactly is Play, and Why Is It Such a Powerful Vehicle for Learning?”
Play is a word that we use commonly to refer to children's preferred activities and to some adult activities.  But what, really, is play?  In this talk I will define play as activity that is (1) self-chosen and self-directed; (2) motivated by means more than ends; (3) guided by mental rules; (4) includes a strong element of imagination; and (5) is conducted in an alert, active, but relatively non-stressed frame of mind. I will describe these characteristics and show how each of them contributes to play’s educational and developmental value.  I will explain why play came about, in natural selection, to promote children’s healthy physical, intellectual, social, moral, and emotional growth and will describe the psychological detriments that have accompanied the decline of play in recent decades.
17.00 - 17.20:   Break
17.20 - 19.00:   Presentations         
   17.20   Karen Orteza (China & USA)
              “Playing in China: Inspired by Anji Play and Reggio Emilia in an IB setting
               “The Froebelian Approach on Play: Play feeds on real experience….
   18.00   Gloria Romlin (Sweden & Mexico)
              “Digital playground: strategies to work with electronic devices & challenges for play
   18.20   Aspasia Skoufidi (Greece)
               “How Loose Parts in the Early Childhood Classroom help children Discover the World
   18.40   Maria Davou (Greece)
               "The Child and The Box: the impact of technology on play (and a way out of the box)"
19.00 - 19.30: Q & A session
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