1st International Athens Conference "Play on Early Education"
Day 1:                       Thursday April 11, 2019
Morning Session:    Creativity in Play
Duration:                  9.45 am- 1.45 pm
Keynote Speaker:    Suzanne Axelsson
Chair:                        Meynell Walter
"Play is what I do when everybody else stops telling me what to do" is a nice definition of play, a child once said to Teacher Tom. Play actually is the very unique way a child has to discover the world. It should not involve adults' direction, certain tasks' assignment or strictly designed procedures. On the contrary, it has to be freely chosen by children, spontaneous and pop-up. Are those things really possible when we bring play into the educational context? Is it true that always "school kills creativity"? Or there is a way to avoid it?
In this first conference session, Suzanne Axelsson and presenters coming from 4 different countries will try to investigate how we can maintain the free & spontaneous characteristics of children play, while we connect it to the adults' world.
8.00 – 09.45:   Registration
9.45 – 10.15:   Welcome notes by:
                         John Yiannoudis, Dorothy Snot Director & Conference Host
                         Maria Iliopoulou, City of Athens Vice-Mayor for the Child
10.15 - 11.15:  Keynote speech
“Original Learning: Play on Education, Education in Play.”
"Imagine the curriculum as a loom, the structure that you use to give your weave support. The weave is the evolving child, each child using threads of experience and knowledge, that they discover themselves and also learn from others. Play is like the warp, it is essential to weave learning, experiences, and facts. The higher the warp density the more complex the weave.
Play, in this sense, is what allows a child to learn on a deeper and more complex level and this analogy will be further explored in the talk to break down the hierarchy of the words play and learning in order to see both as essential threads each person needs to create the fabric of their life.”
11.15 - 11.30:   Break
11.30 - 13.10:   Presentations         
   11.30   Laura Rodrigues (Portugal)
               “Um Do Li Ta, a Play approach from the Public Schools of Torres Verda”
   11.50   Greg Bottril (UK)
               "Embracing the Magic of Childhood: Play vs the Adult World”    12.10   Maria Karalekas (Canada)
               "Investigating the Significance of Loose Parts on Children’s Creativity”
   12.30   Iain Cameron (UK)
               "A nuanced Understanding of Adult Intervention in Children Play"
   12.50   Agapi Liapaki (Greece)
               "Getting life skills through Play"
13.10 - 13.40: Q & A session
13.40 - 16.00: Lunch break
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