Third Call for Papers (December 15, 2021 - January 31, 2022)

At the 2nd International Athens Conference ‘Play on Early Education’, we welcome Presenters from Greece and around the world to come and share publicly their experiences of Play on Early Education. We do really hope traveling in April 2022 will be feasible around the globe!
The plan is to host a conference with both physical attendence in the room (about 150 fully vaccinated persons) and engaging virtual facility for participants & presenters from all over the world.
So, if you are an early education teacher; if you own a preschool, a nursery or a forest type provision with an emphasis on play; if you work in play or playwork; if you design play spaces; or have any other type of expertise or interest in the field of play, you are most welcome to submit your paper and be invited to present it publicly and share your stories with us.
The Conference will consist of four assemblies, each with a keynote and a number of papers on a linked theme. Papers submitted should associate with one of the following broad categories but must maintain the relationship to play:
 1) Play and the digital realm
  • The good and bad of using digital technology as part of education;
  • Age-appropriate use of cell phones, tablets, computers;
  • Ηow to use digital technology to enhance teaching through play
2) Play across cultures
  • How does play appear in your culture?
  • Do different places in the world view play differently?
  • How does an understanding of play impact on the delivery of education in the early years?
  • How is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child [particularly articles 31 and 28] supported?
3) Playing with risk and uncertainty
  • Risk taking in play
  • Considering emotional as well as physical risk
  • Uncertainty and resilience
4) How play can shape the school of the future
  • How has an emphasis on play affected your institution?
  • What happens in an early education setting that is devoid of play and how to change & adapt that in the new era
  • What is play in the post-covid world?
Whilst we ask for papers, we are also very interested in receiving proposals that will present the subject in less formal and more interactive ways.
Submitted papers may also relate (but not be limited) to one or more of the following subjects:

• Play and neuroscience
• Play in times of crisis
• Play filled responses to Covid-19 in early years education
• Play in rural v’s urban spaces
• How using resources in novel ways sparks creativity
• Play and art
• The physical environment that supports play
• Too much adult presence?
• Developing democratic setups in early education. Allowing children to take full ownership of their preschool life
Practical Workshops
In the 2nd International Athens Conference about ‘Play on Early Education’, we will have a ‘pre-day’ on the Wednesday, before the official opening, where we invite you to offer practical workshops for delegates to take part in. These workshops should last 45 minutes – 1 hour and provide opportunities to think about opportunities that can be taken back into settings to support children’s play and learning.
Athens is also beautiful in Spring! The conference will be held downtown, so it is a fantastic opportunity to combine your presenting at a top-class international conference on play with visiting one of the most historic cities in the world.
The third round for submission of papers is between 15th of December 2021 and 31st of January 2022. Selected presenters will enjoy a discounted participation fee.

All proposals should be submitted in an editable document [such as Word, Google docs etc] and emailed to: