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Efi Karatopouzi

406-karatopouzi-efthimia-faculty-sm.jpgMs. Efi Karatopouzi was born in Greece having a Greek Australian citizenship (Australian mother) and was raised abroad until she finished first grade. Then, she came to Greece where she graduated from Greek High School and continued her studies at the School of Physical Education and Sports Science at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, where she earned her B.A. with specialization on Track and Field. In 2017, she earned her B.A. in Child Psychology at the University of the Aegean. She currently got her Mindfulness degree as a practitioner and an NLP practitioner. She holds a degree in Yoga and has participated in personal development courses regarding teaching methods for large classes as well as teaching physical education to kids with autism. She is an official Archery, Track and Field, and National Nordic coach.
Ms. Karatopouzi has a rich experience in physical education. She has worked as a fitness teacher for many years in several sports clubs for adults and children and as a volunteer physical education teacher at Zanneio Institution, where she worked with abused children. She has been a member of the Greek National Track & Field team for 15 years and has competed in national and international competitions in Greece and abroad. She is co-founder and co-creator of Fitness Nordic. She is also the author of a children’s book on Role Exercise workout :A new way to make kids' fantasy work with creativity by listening and exercising.
Ms. Karatopouzi began working at ACS Athens in 2016 as a Physical Education Teacher in the Elementary School and has undertaken different posts in the Athletic Department in all three schools and ACS Athens Summer Camp since then. In 2017 -2018, she piloted a Mindfulness program for students in Junior Kindergarten classes, which will continue to run this year also. Her pilot Mindfulness research paper was presented at the International Mindfulness Convention, held in Slovenia. She has also offered her services voluntarily to the Youth to Youth Program at ACS Athens.

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