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Markos Zangas

DSC_0109.jpgMarkos is passionate about the outdoors, he is more passionate about
offering children opportunities to be outdoors and he is even more
passionate about inspiring and "equipping" pedagogues to use the
outdoors as a learning environment. He holds an MA in Environment from
the University of Melbourne, and a Diploma in Education for Sustainable
Development from the University of the Aegean. For the last 14 years he
has worked in environmental education with the several Greek NGO's and
as a kayak instructor, taking children on outdoor adventures. He
coordinates the Primary School of Paichnidagogeio and is part of the
training team of Inside-out Nature, the leading Danish Forest and Nature
School Training provider. During 2018-2020 he is participating in the
Erasmus+ Project “Exploring the Curriculum Through Nature Programs”.

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