PRESS RELEASE 2 || Play On Athens Education

PRESS RELEASE 2 || Play On Athens Education


Athens becomes once more the epicenter of pedagogical science! 2nd International Athens Conference ‘Play on Early Education’, 27-30 April 2022

Press Release

Athens, 10 March 2022

The Play that is not controlled by the adults, freely-chosen, based on the experiences and interests of the children and with the capability to adjust to an ever-changing world. Just through this kind of play children discover the world and become strong, enthusiastic, independent, caring and confident citizens.

Heretical views in a society regarding proper education as a combination of learning by heart, obedience and long boring hours in the school desks? Perhaps! Fortunately, this mentality changes and more parents and teachers discover the progressive models on Early Education, which focus on the children and their needs.

This is the message of the second International Athens Conference “Play on Early Education”, that will take place on 27-30 April 2022, at Serafio City of Athens, and will be streamed online, for those who cannot physically attend.

Scientists and participants from all over the world will bring to Athens the pioneering views of the contemporary Pedagogical Science by examining the role and form of the Play in the post-covid world. Everything changed after 2020 and so did early years' education.

The keynote speakers have already been announced!

Suzanne Axelsson, the popular Swedish pedagogical consultant, Tom Hobson (aka "Teacher Tom" from Seattle, regarded globally as one of the best pre-school teachers), Walter Meynell, the British play worker with 46 years of experience, John Axelsson (director for the sleep laboratory at Stockholm University), Stella Kasdagli & Pinelopi Theodorakakou (the co-founders of Women On Top, a Greek NPO for gender equality) and Angelos Patsias, who turned a rural Greek public school into a model school.

The above speakers, together with numerous presenters from Greece and abroad will lead us through a journey of exploration and reflection on the role of the Play in the new era school and the future of education of very young children.

Tickets are available online at and at for the online streaming.

The 'Play on Early Education Conference' addresses to anyone who is involved in the Education and Play of very young children, to parents, psychologists, teachers and those who engage in activities with very young children.

About 150 people are expected to attend in person (according to the Covid19 regulations) and 200-300 will participate virtually.

The Conference is held and organized by the distinguished play-based preschool & kindergarten Dorothy Snot. Dorothy Snot is a Greek school for very young children (1-6 years old) with its own educational philosophy, which focuses on the experiential discovery of the world through playing, trust, respect and freedom.


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