Justine Antoniou has been a licensed early childhood educator for over 17 years and enjoys infusing her work with young children into work with parents through interactive workshops. Justine was born and raised in England where she obtained her degree in Early childhood education, fine arts and forest school education at the University of Warwick. She has worked in several countries including England, Sweden, and Norway, she has spent the last 8 years in a leadership position at an international school in Greece. Justine is the founder of MIND BOX Makerspace and is currently a trainee Filial play coach and trainee Play worker.  

A few words from Justine  

"As an early years educator, I often fall into the trap of defending play-based activities, as I have a curriculum to follow, head teachers and parents to please. However, when I reflect on what play really is, I realise that it cannot coexist with teacher-planned activities, and I am not really catering to my students play needs. For this reason, I am currently on a play journey to try and understand play better".

"Pop and Play" is an interactive play session that will be a platform for us to remember our childhood and the feeling of wonder we had while playing by entering the magical world of bubbles!