In 2022 Athens Play Conference we hosted in total 22 keynote speeches, presentations & discussions covering a wide range of Play In the Early Years for about 3,5 hours!

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 Just read below the amzing speakers' list:


Day 1 - Thursday, April 28, 2022

Keynote: Teacher Tom: "The Loose Parts Mindset: Democracy, Education & the Rights of Children"

Maya Lan & Danielle McCrea: "Processing Crisis through Play"

Angella Stallard: "Play in Times of Crisis

Petia Gieva: "Play in the Pandemics"

Maria Davou: "Play (to teach a foreign language)"   

Keynote: Meynell Walter: "How Not Talking to Children is the Best Way to Support Play"

Keynote: Angelos Patsias: "School as Inquiry Hub"

Andrea Schauer Hansen: "Preparing children for school and life by starting their STEAM journey and building social skills"

Stelios Michelakis: "A school for every learner"


Day 2 - Friday, April 29, 2022

Keynote: Stella Kasdagli & Pinelopi Theodorakakou: "Gender Equality in Play"

Alice Ball: "Play & Patience in Te whariki"

Eliza Duenow: "Creative Consciousing"

Alan Herron: "Play & covid recovery"

Dionysia Daskalaki & Marousa Dagkli: "From the School Yard to the Moon & Beyond"

Keynote: John Axelsson: "Sleep & Brain Development"

Hara Sfetsa: "The Power of Touch in Play"


Day 3 - Saturday, April 30, 2022

Keynote: Suzanne Axelsson: "Original Learning"

Bettina Atwill: "Leveraging Play through STEAM"

Aspasia Skoufidi: "Teachers as loose parts"

Elin N. W. Tausen & Jógvan Philbrow: "Play in the Faroese Pedagogy"

Serafetinidis & Athanasiadis: "Connecting the urban school with nature through outdoor play"

Closing Discussion: Suzanne Axelsson, Teacher Tom, Meynell Walter John Yiannoudis: "The future is always better with play"


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