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Suzanne Axelsson


Suzanne Axelsson lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a masters in ECE, Sheffield University, UK, her home country, where shespecialized in Reggio Emilia, language and communication, documentation as a tool to aid memory and deepen children's learning, and investigating what ”quality” is in an early years setting.

More than 20 years experience as teacher, director, special needs and home-language teacher in a variety of early years settings – multi-lingual, Reggio Emilia, traditional Swedish, Montessori, gender equality profile, philosophy with children etc – has given Suzanne a broad knowledge and many perspectives that supports her work with children, and for her blog ”Interaction Imagination” that she started writing in 2012 where she focuses on play and democratic learning.

Suzanne is presently collating information for a book with the aim of getting teachers and children to think more critically and creatively. She has a special interest in the art of listening, exploring how play supports children develop their listening skills with the understanding that listening is more than just hearing words, as well as having an anti-bias approach (also know as norm-aware in Sweden). Suzanne is a facilitator in a year long project with Gästrikevatten with twelve children aged 8-12 who are a part of a Board of Children, exploring ways to make water issues easily understood by other children.

She is actively participating in pedagogical conferences and is a well-received presenter on philosophy with young children and listening in ECE as well as project-based play and learning. Suzanne has been interviewed by Skolverket (the Swedish National Agency for Education) as part of an educational film for teachers in preschools and schools about philosophy for children, as well as writing articles for several children and nursery/preschool magazines in both English and Swedish. Suzanne volunteers with The Freedom Theatre in Jenin, Palestine, in an effort to inspire a greater play focus on early childhood education, by holding teacher training and play-workshops there.


WEB PAGE: https://www.interactionimagination.com


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