Hara Sfetsa is a licenced Psychologist, a tr. Play Therapist and a mother of two children.

She has a BA in Psychology (Panteion University, Athens), an MA in Transnational Communications (Goldsmiths College, University of London) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Playtherapy (Play Therapy International). She is now completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy.

She daily works with children and young people that need support in emotional literacy and face behavioural or/and mental health challenges.

Her goal is to help every child fulfil his/her full potential.

Her tools are a selection of toys and miniatures, sand tray, water, movement, music, poetry and various art materials, which help children explore their thoughts and feelings in creative and dynamic ways, without having to use words to express themselves.

She works both in private practice and as a Play Therapist at various Mental Health Centers and Private Schools.


Presentation: "The power of touch in play"

Touch is a fundamental component of our growth and a primary way we connect to each other. Early in life, babies need skin to skin contact to be comforted. Children crave for touch in their play. They hug each other, wrestle or even climb on top of each other. Yet, social fear of inappropriate touching and pandemic have led to more and more prohibitions around touch. Further, child-to-child touch and safety concerns raise worries that rough play might escalate into real fighting.

In this speech, we will talk about the importance of touch and its therapeutic value, we will explore ways to promote safe and appropriate touch with children in their play and we will take a look at the benefits of rough play in shaping social, emotional and cognitive behaviours.