Ndioba was born and raised in Rufisque, Senegal, in a musicians' family (griot). Since 2010 he lives & works in Athens playing & teaching African music (djembe, sabar). He has worked with different musical & dance groups in Greece (Global Daoulia, Pangea, Kroustofono, Dauda Contech, Sissy Pintela) and other well known African musicians (Harouna Dembele, Barnbara Bangourarecent). He has also been teaching music for adults & children in Stavros Niarchos Foundation programs & elsewhere.

Since 2016, Ndioba is a djembe & rhythm tutor in Dorothy Snot preschool & kindergarten. He is also dad of Aminata, 2 year old.


"Feel the Rhythm: playing the djembe in Early Education"

Ndioba will conduct a stunning workshop on how the rhythm and the use of djembe & other percussions in class may end up to a great play & motor skills' development tool.

Adult participants will understand methods & techniques on how to actively engage kids in african music, through djembe play.