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All of us who implement progressive models on Early Education, know one thing for sure: Play that is not controlled by the adults, is the one and only element children really need to grow....

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27 - 30 Αpril 2022, Athens, Greece
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Key Speakers

Suzanne Axelsson
Suzanne AxelssonKey Speaker on
Original Learning
"Teacher Tom" (aka Tom Hobson)Key Speaker
Meynell Walter
Meynell WalterKey Speaker
Stella Kasdagli & Pinelopi Theodorakakou
Stella Kasdagli & Pinelopi TheodorakakouKey Speakers on
Gender Equality in Play
John Axelsson
John AxelssonKey Speaker on
Sleep & Brain Development


Alice Ball
Alice BallPresenter on
Play & Patience
Petia Gieva
Petia GievaPresenter on
Play Habitat in Pandemics
Elin N. W. Tausen & Jógvan Philbrow
Elin N. W. Tausen & Jógvan PhilbrowPresenters on
Play in the Faroese Pedagogy
Maria Davou
Maria DavouPresenter on
Play (to Teach a Foreign Language)
Bettina Atwill
Bettina AtwillWorkshop on
Leveraging Play through STEAM
Aspasia Skoufidi
Aspasia SkoufidiPresenter on
Teachers as Loose Parts
Maya Lan & Danielle McRay
Maya Lan & Danielle McRayPresenters on
Processing Crisis through Play

More presenters & keynotes will keep coming!

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Dorothy Snot  is a top class urban experiential, play-based learning preschool, located in Athens. We are very proud of our cutting edge philosophy, our work, our people and our associates.

This dynamic conference aims to widely present how Play, that is not controlled by the adults, can be the one and only Early Education element allowing children to discover the real world, at their own unique pace, through Respect, Freedom and Trust.