Fotini Houtou is a graduate of the Pedagogical Department of Preschool Education of Rethymnon and a postgraduate student in the Department of Special Education of the University of Nicosia. She has been working as a kindergarten teacher in various schools since 2012 and she has been in the family of Dorothy Snot for the last five years.

In parallel with her studies, she has been professionally involved in dancing & theater by receiving a dance teaching diploma and developing the Art of Dance through the psychomotor approach to children. She has participatef in a number of dance theater performances and is a holder of the theatrical play diploma. Fotini has attended seminars in dance therapy, drama therapy, educational drama, black light theater and playback theater. She is also a yoga, kids yoga, aerial kids yoga instructor and she has been heavily involved in storytelling in collaboration with various art venues in the last few years. She is the author of her own musical fairy tale and tries to inspire children with various "aesthetic experiences" through Art and Nature.


Ermioni Ntetsika is a pre-school teacher, working in private schools since 2013. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and a Master’s degree in Children’s Books, and Educational Material from the Aegean University, specialized in development of mixed digital and concrete learning environments for preschool children. She is post graduate in Orff Schulwerk Course at Moraitis School and a facilitator of preschool children’s groups.

Ermioni has attended various workshops of folk tale narration, organized by Dimitris Prousalis, Lily Lambrelli, Taxiarchis Mpeligiannis, and Sassa Voulgari. Ermioni is also a participant of the collective folk tale book publishing “Tales with wise crazies” (2019) Athens: Apopira. She was a lecturer at the Department of Early Childhood Education (N.K.U.A), Olymbia Agalianou, March- June 2021, about folk tales and verbal narration for educational use.


Workshop on connecting Physical to Digital world:

A project using sounds and visuals from nature & art, as a part of the life-derived learning approach we use in Dorothy Snot. Our goal is to connect the actual and digital world through the children's interests, as well as a deeper co-operation, engagement and kinesthetics in a collaborative manner.

Tangible user interfaces, which allow real-world items to operate as digital-facing commands, are one way to integrate the digital and physical worlds. But how is it possible for the game to leave our computer screens and enter the real world? Here's a floor game; it's not a technology game, but a technology-enabled game that creates a multi-sensory world (see - hear - feel - express), through which children are free to interact with each other but also with technology.