Prodromos Markopoulos, born but not raised in Thessaloniki, holds a Bachelor Degree in Information Applications Technology. Since his early years he was always highly interested in technology and computers. 

His journey in education started in 2014 with teaching computer science to kids at all levels of education. Teaching highly motivated him to learn new things and dive into a whole new world that will offer opportunities to all children by developing a curriculum that fits from primary to secondary education in computer science, STEM and educational robotics. 

Since 2016 is working with Eduk8, an EdTech company providing educational solutions and professional development to teachers, as Senior Trainer, trained more than 2000 teachers in Greece and he has participated in big events and conferences giving keynote speaking inside and outside of the country.

Through working as teacher trainer, he managed to expand his theoretical background on education and child development and gain valuable hands-on experience as he has been able to interact with educators who come from diverse educational frameworks around the globe. Playful, hands-on minds-on experiences lead to effective learning. Let’s play!


"Learning through Play with LEGO"

Three different workshops to demonstrate how children may become creative, engaged & lifelong learners by using the famous LEGO Brick in fully interactive hands-on, minds-on activities.

1) 6 LEGO Bricks 915.103.765 possibilities.
Six Bricks is a learning tool developed by the LEGO Foundation. The activities are short, open-ened and not intended to be a curriculum. They support all areas of development from physical to creative from social to emotional, allowing children to create and learn through play. 

2) mTiny the Coding Panda
mTiny is an early education robot for children growing up in the digital age! It offers interactive games and stories encouraging children to develop early coding skills without a screen. Through play, children develop their logical thinking and problem-solving skills, equipping themselves with lifetime learning abilities.

3) LEGO Education SPIKE Essential
Developing Computational Thinking through the creation of creative stories. From breaking down a problem to smaller steps, identifying cause and effect to recounting an experience using relevant details.