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Meynell Walter


Meynell is a radical maverick blessed with a light touch of arrogance.
In his 46 years of working with children and young people he has seen it all and done it all. He has, and continues to, make plenty of mistakes!
Meynell still does actual playwork and continues to train play people around the world – anywhere he can get paid to do a job.
He is a playworker, playwork trainer / lecturer, and playwork advocate. As a qualified teacher, qualified youth worker, qualified playworker and early years expert Meynell has a very clear understanding of the role of play and its importance in the everyday lives of children.
He has read masses and talks to lots of really clever people. He argues his points passionately and proudly boasts there is no question that he cannot answer.
When not being immersed in the playwork world he likes to drink whisky and has a wonderful skill of having such a large musical repertoire that if you tell him anyone’s name he can sing you a song with that name in it!

WEB SITE : http://www.meynellgames.org

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