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Aspasia Skoufidi


Aspasia 0026.jpgAspasia Skoufidi is a preschool teacher and mother of three young children. She was the founder and president of Playgroup Hellas in Athens, a non-for-profit parent run play group for children aged 0-5 and their families.

Since September 2017 Aspasia has been running ‘’Paixnidoskopio’’, a play and nature based preschool in the suburbs of Athens. She has also studied Management of Health and Welfare Units, studied and worked as a Pharmacist Assistant and attended many seminars about parenting and innovative preschool teaching models.

She is also blogging on pedagogical innovation issues, preschool education and parenthood and works on spreading the word about the value of loose parts and open ended materials in preschool age. Her dream is that children will eventually get the time and space they need to explore themselves, their surrounding and the whole world!

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